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Hensley and The Library Boiz!

Meet Hensley and The Library Boiz! and their new upcoming album "Want your child to curse like a sailor? Have him join child Labor!" Coming April 2069! Memebers who also have exclusive V.I.P. tickets for their next upcoming show will recieve free tickets to 'Hensley and The Library Boiz! The Movie!' Follow a young Dustin Hensley as he tells the origin story of how he , Momo Jackson, Papa Smurf, Melvil Dewey and Melvil Dewaye became known as the great band they are today!

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Papa Smurf Cult

On the Faithful day of October 2nd , 2019 the Papa Smurf Cult was brought into exsistance. After a failed experiment with Bread, Blue Food dye, and water, Emma and Taylor offcially replicated the holy corpse of Papa Smurf unleashing great power! After having a small funeral for the holy corpse, many others gatyhered to greif and give thanks to the Holy Papa! Eventualy people began to cut their hair and place it into the contoxian. It was offical, a cult was started and roles were assigned. Taylor and Emma being crowned as the founding fathers of the cult, Colby being the high Preist, Hensley being corwned the pope, and Maddie being the Holy Hair Collector! As of now we havew gained a total of 80 followers and are trying to find the missing remains of the corpse.

Barbarians Uprising!

After a Heated Fued with Ms.Wagner, The Barbarians were determined to get back her. After leaving a magazine rack and bookselves in her room, the barbarians declared war on Wagner! The war lasted for 2 weeks resulting in many catrastrfies until Ms.Wagner offically gave up and declared a document of Peace, even thought the war is over , tensions are still high!

Raviloi V.S. Poptarts

After a heated argument between Mr.Hensley and Mr.Shurtz , Hensley was determined that Poptarts were considered Raviloi, while Shurtz was determined that they were not. After months of Arguing Hensley messaged the head of Kellogs and got an offical reply that Poptarts are considered ravioli but a desert liek filling instead of meat or cheese. After winning Hensley printed out the document and now hangs it up in his office!


This is were i plan to put papa smurf missing poster.